Complete Deluxe Winter Marquee Wedding Package


    • Deluxe Winter Wedding Package.
    • 6m x 12m Marquees PVC 500gsm.
    • 4m x 6m Commercil Marquee.
    • Full Linings & Swags.
    • Fully Carpeted
    • Chandeliers Lighting Throughout.


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    Deluxe Winter Marquee Wedding Package:

    What we are offering you with this Deluxe Winter Wedding Package:

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    The Deluxe Winter Package:


    • Aim – We have created a package which allows for you to be creative with your design layout while taking advantage of the crisp clear winter nights.
    • Layout – The layout will be based on a separated dining area, separated dance floor and bar and soft seating with an interconnecting entrance cloak and greeting area.
      • This layout allows for enclosed open areas which can have fire bowls and heaters, fairy lights and jar candles set on wooden trunks around the open seating area.
      • Allow for large woollen blankets around the seating areas which will be cosy and scenic under the crisp nights sky when bathed in the glow of close by fire bowls and heaters.

    Fairy Lights Winter Snug

    • Inside – Using the 4m x 6m as an entrance you can connect the two 6m x 12m marquees on either sideMarquee Wedding Package
      • The 4m x 6m is used as greeting and cloak room while connecting the dining marquee to the bar and dance floor
      • This leaves you with the seating area under the stars


    • Entrance – The entrance to your Marquee Wedding Package can then be decorated with small trees either side with fairy lights or lanterns to keep the theme running through.

    Fair Lights Winter Snug2


    This will come with full linings for all of the marquees including the floor colour of your choice (Beige suits a winter theme very well) Winter Deluxe Package

    All delivered to your door with chandelier lighting and a full tie down kit to secure everything.


    • You just cant go wrong with a package like this


    Why Bigmarquees:

    • Designers of marquees to buy in the UK for over 15 years, our engineers ensure continual improvement on design.
    • We are confident that our structures are the highest quality 500gsm PVC marquee for sale in the UK.
    • Most noteworthy being the use of higher grade Belgian PVC and not the much cheaper Chinese alternative.
    • Even more re-enforced and supported where they need to be.
    • As a result we’re proud that our marquees will last many years and weather many storms, not just good for one event.
    • Many returning customers like The British Army, The National Trust, The Caravan Club & hire companies due to our professional conduct.
    • Consequently festivals like Glastonbury and Download always use us again and again.
    • We’re popular because we make sure that we don’t lower the quality of our marquees for sale to increase profits.
    • Finally, our marquees are the choice of the professionals and this is why the professionals use bigmarquees.

    Why Buy This 6m x 10m Marquee PVC 500gsm Marquee:

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    • Very easy to erect.
    • Very easy to transport and easy to store.
    • Commercial hire quality
    • All year round use.
    • Welded seams which mean that no water will seep through.
    • Completely sealed marquee sides and ends.
    • Sealed to ensure that no wind or rain can force its way inside the marquee.
    • Equipped with eaves braces, these support the PVC material span between bays on your roof cover.
    • Eave supports stop water pooling during heavy downpours, preventing weight build up and ultimately the collapse of your structure.

    Be an Event Master and not an Event Disaster!


    Highest Quality 6m x 10m Marquee PVC 500gsm for Sale in the UK.

    Call Bigmarquees

    Additional information

    Weight310 kg
    Dimensions210 × 120 × 210 cm
    Marquee Sides

    Plain PVC (No Window), Windows


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