Marquee Gutter – Channel – PVC 500gsm


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Marquee Gutter PVC 500gsm:

A marquee gutter is used when you need to connect one marquee to another in order to create a larger waterproof area.
Use gutters to weather a structure to a building or out house
The function is to collect the water from the roof into the gully and channel it away from the join between the marquees.

  • Use a marquee gutter to connect one marquee to another marquee
  • Waterproofs the joint by channelling the water away from the marquees
  • The gutter attaches to the marquees with bungee ties or zip ties
  • Fits from the eaves pole on one marquee, under the roof scallops on both marquees and up to the eaves in the second marquee
  • All water running off the roof will be caught by the gutter and channelled away.
  • Different width gutter can cope with different eave height marquees
  • Also used to attach marquees to out buildings such as barns, summer houses and pool houses.

Marquee Gutter Specification:

  • 500gsm PVC Material
  • 15m in length and 30cm wide for fixing eaves of the same height
  • 15m Long and 60cm in width for marquees which have uneven eaves
  • Eyelets each side for attaching to the eaves with zip ties

Joining Marquees With A Gutter

Extra material on the gutters can be used to channel water further away from the marquee, therefore a 15m gutter can be used on a 6m marquee up to a 14m marquee.

Order this item with a marquee or other accessory and combine the postage costs.

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Dimensions30 × 60 × 10 cm


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