Marquee Replacement Bungees


  • Marquee Replacement Pole 1940mm.
  • Spare Replacement Pole 500gsm PVC Marquees.
  • Galvanised Steel 1.2mm wall thickness.
  • 1940mm Length x 38mm dia Galvanised Pole.
  • Fast Shipping To Your Door.


Spare replacement marquee bungees for a 500gsm PVC marquee.

These bungees are 135mm Hoop Length Medium Bungees and will fit all of our 500gsm PVC marquees and will certainly fit many more marquees on the market today.

Please check sizes to ensure that these parts are compatible with your marquee, if you are unsure please call the office to confirm on 08443 570 210

Marquee Bungees

  • These are the most common size bungees used on a 500gsm PVC marquee
  • Position used – connecting the roof to the eaves and all side panels to the eaves, legs and ground bars

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  • Plastic Moulded Toggle With Ridge
  • 135mm Hooped Elastic
  • White

If you have lost or broken bungees for your marquee then these replacement bungees will solve all of your problems.

Marquee bungees are designed to expand and contract continuously with the wind taking the stress of the wind loading instead of the frame or covers on the marquee.

Generally Bungees will need to be replaced every season (depending on use) Please check your bungees regularly.

Finally, we hold all parts for all marquees in stock ready for fast dispatch to our customers in order to ensure that the party still goes on.

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Fast Dispatch – Fast Delivery – Great Customer Service

If you loose or break any of your marquee accessories Bigmarquees is here to get you a replacement. We can supply a roof cover or a spare replacement side panel, end panel or bungees.

We are here to make sure that the party still goes on. Give us a call if you need any advice or have any questions on ordering the parts for your specific marquee.

Bigmarquees can get a spare part out to you for your marquee on a next day service.  No need to panic if you are putting up your marquee and you realise that a part or a cover is missing, just order online or give us a call in the office on 08443570210 to be sure that your marquee is safe and sturdy just as it should be.


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

10, 100, 20, 50


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