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Using Gutters To Join Marquees.

In the past, not all that distant either, only the rich and the famous could afford to host an extravagant party in their own garden. This would involve heavy machinery, heavy goods vehicles, teams of people to erect the marquee which would be cumbersome and complicated. All of this would cost a great deal of money and take time to erect and dismantle.

Since the invention of the steel frame marquee, this has become much more attainable, a steel framed marquee can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a clear span modular marquee and is so much easier to erect that you can do it together as a family with ease.

Marquee Linings

These steel framed marquees were specifically designed to be easy to erect, the poles are light weight and easy to move around and put into place, the joints and poles are designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to put any in the wrong the place.

The roof of the marquees are generally kept to 500gsm (grams per square metre) , hence keeping the weight down so that most sizes can be erected by two people, although the more people who have hands on, the easier it is.

Everything on these marquees goes together very easily, there is purposely nothing complicated about them, so they go together very quickly indeed, with the roof being in one piece there is no complicated threading of roof sheets which always leak if you try to fit these yourself and have no experience fitting them, the roof on a steel frame marquee is always waterproof.

6m x 20m Commercial Marquee
6m x 20m PVC 500gsm Marquee

Joining With A Gutter

Because the roof of the marquee is made in one complete piece, the marquees are sold in specific sizes (eg: 6m x 12m) and are not modular as such. But, you can join these marquees together to cover any size area you desire, you can do this with the use of a marquee gutter.

If you put a standard 6m x 20m marquee up in your garden, sports field or school etc… you can attach a gutter strip to the eaves of this marquee and then when another 6m x 20m is erected right next to it, you can pass the gutter under the roof scallops and then up into the eaves of the second marquee creating a gutter along the length of the marquee which will catch any water running off the roof and channel it off to the ends of the marquees. This will then give you the floor space of a 12m x 20m marquee at a fraction of the cost and next to none of the effort involved in erecting a clear span modular marquee of this size.

Using gutters will allow you to join marquees side by side, end to end or even to part join marquees to create zig zag effects or horse shoe design’s which allows you to section different parts of your party/wedding allowing you to create that atmosphere you are looking for.

Marquees Joined
Two 6m x 12m Marquee Joined Side By Side.

Marquee Gutters

500gsm Marquees

650gsm Marquees

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